Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 Musings

Maybe it's because I'm an old fart, but heavily scripted 3rd person action games like Uncharted, the upcoming Lara Croft, the upcoming Star Wars 1313, etc. just don't appeal much to me any more.  They're all essentially the same game - Prince of Persia platforming + Gears of War cover/gun play.  And linear.  Suffocatingly linear.

The only reason why I still go after Rockstar's games are because they're usually pretty well written, and the open world aspect where I can at least cause some of my own mayhem.  Getting chased by cops in, say, Vice City is a game in itself.

But, yeah, I was struck by how many games simply didn't speak to me while watching the E3 presentations.  All the 'realistic' FPS games look the same.  All the 3rd person action games look the same.  Sports titles are the same every year anyway.  It's just startling to see such little innovation among the AAA titles. 

Like I asked yesterday/last night on my Twitter/Facebook, can anyone tell me the difference between the upcoming Call of Duty, Metal of Honor, and Battlefield games, aside from their titles?


That said, the two titles I'm most interested in are Dishonored and Watch Dogs.  Likely because they offer several ways to tackle a particular situation.